Health and Hygiene Education in rural Nepal

Health and Hygiene Education in rural Nepal

Many people in Nepal lack knowledge and awareness of hygiene. Washing hands, brushing teeth and menstrual hygiene are unfortunately not observed on a daily basis. Pratima, a certified nurse, gives free hygiene and health classes in the remote villages of the Rasuwa district. She educates the schoolchildren from 1st to 8th grade about washing hands, brushing teeth, menstrual hygiene and avoiding disease transmission. During the training the children will receive a set consisting of toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, nail clippers, underpants (girls), sanitary pads (girls), pencil and eraser.

Per child such a set costs approximately 1.25 €. With the articles and the training she sets an incentive to health-conscious behavior. The children practise and implement it at home, even if the parents themselves do not provide the articles. These trainings are established annually, so that a basic understanding of personal hygiene can be created starting from beginning of school.

484 children received training in 2019. We want to double this target by 2020.

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