School kitchen for the Shree Sudarshan Basic School, District Gorkha

The Shree Sudarshan School is located in the Gorkha District, near Amppipal Hospital. It is a public school for the local population. The pupils come from poor families, wealthier parents send their children to boarding schools in bigger cities. It is threatened by closure due to declining student numbers.

The school buildings were completely destroyed by the earthquake in spring 2015, but teaching continued in tents.

The reconstruction of the school buildings was financed and carried out by the Gorkha Foundation. The construction of toilets was carried out by Nepalmed. In spring 2018 we installed a PAUL water filter in the school. Since then, none of the children have had to stay away from school because of diarrhoea.

Since it is a full-day school, the supply of food is an unsolved problem. The children bring “lunch” from home in Tiffin Boxes. For many this is sparse: obese children cannot be found here! Rather very pale once…

The teachers asked for financing of a school kitchen. It should fulfill a double purpose: on the one hand to give the children at least one proper meal a day, on the other hand it should become a training kitchen to teach the children the hygienic handling of food and the basic concepts of healthy nutrition.

What is needed is a kitchen hut with equipment and training for a cook. A “dining room” is already available.

Follow-up costs:
The parents (who can) will pay a small monthly contribution for the school meal. The costs for the necessary food will be paid by the municipality of Palungtar.

The planned school kitchen will significantly improve the attractiveness of the Shree Sudarshan Basic School: it would keep the number of students constant or even increase. This would prevent the feared closure of the school and thus avert a catastrophe, especially for the poor of the region.