Amppipal Hospital

Amppipal Hospital


Address: Amppipal Hospital, Palungtar Municipality – 11, Gorkha, Nepal, Tel.: 00977-9846-208709

A local committee steers the governmental Amppipal Hospital. The district government plans 14 beds for Amppipal. In reality, due to the high demand 46 beds are available. In Gorkha district there are only two hospitals for 350.000 inhabitants: Amppipal and Gorkha. The hospital’s budget comprises income from the treatment fees as well as donations from Nepalmed (see graphics). A volatile contribution comes from the Nepalese government. Also the municipality of Amppipal contributes a little. United Mission to Nepal still gives a small amount for the pharmacy.

Today, between 55 and 110 patients visit the hospital every day. The most common diagnoses at the hospital are asthma and chronic bronchitis, diarrhoea, typhoid fever, worms, feverish infections. Frequently you find alcoholism and depression. The hospital offers out-patient as well as in-patient services. Facilities include modern digital x-ray, diagnostic and therapeutic ultrasound and laboratory medicine. Furthermore the hospital offers eye care, dental treatment, family planning, maternity care and vaccinations. The vaccine for children is free of charge. During OPD-hours (= Outpatient Department) a video programme shows various topics of health education.


Amppipal is a village in the hilly region in the Southwestern part of the district Gorkha in the western region / Gandaki zone of Nepal at the base of the main range of the Himalaya mountains. In the surrounding districts live several 100.000 inhabitants. The hospital is situated above the river Chepe (say: chaypay) at an altitude of around 1.020 m (approximately 3.000 feet) above sea level. The panoramic view from the hospitals mountain towards the snow mountains of the Annapurna Range and Manaslu Himal is breathtaking.

The Amppipal Hospital is currently the only medical facility with a continuing surgical treatment in the district. The majority of the patients comes from the districts of Gorkha, Lamjung and Tanahun. Patients endure walking times between 1/2 and more than 12 hours. Some have to walk more than 3 days. The hospital is open to everyone.

1969 –  2001

The hospital in Amppipal was founded in 1969 by the United Mission to Nepal. It replaced a pharmacy, which served for 12 years as the only medical place in the entire area. In September 2001 United Mission suddenly stopped operating the hospital in Amppipal. The american doctor Thomas Hale wrote a book about the hospital life in the Seventies: “On the Far Side of Liglig Mountain”.

In April 1997 the Amppipal Hospital started with the “DOTS”-treatment of tuberculosis (Directly Observed Therapy, Short Course), being the first hospital in Nepal. Main goal of the programme is the direct contact between patient and doctor to ensure the adherence to the medication and the observation of the healing process. The medication of tuberculosis and leprosy is free, funded by the Nepalese government.

2001 – today

Since 2001 Amppipal is a governmental hospital (not: mission hospital !) From 2003 – 2012 the German doctor Wolfhard Starke has been the leading doctor. For his work he received the highest German national merit medal.

Since the end of 2013 Patan Academy of Health Sciences (PAHS) cooperates with Amppipal by providing the experienced Dr. Kshitiz Paudel whose salary is covered to a large extent by Nepalmed. PAHS sends medical students and young doctors for training. Amppipal Hospital is now a teaching hospital. Since 2012 various specialists from all over the world visit to give training sessions.

Many infrastructure projects have been finished with donated funds. In 2005 a road between the village of Amppipal and the hospital opened. Today there are two four-wheel-drive ambulance cars and two transport cars available. In 2017 the municipality agreed to upgrade a links road from the main road from Tati Pokhari to Amppipal Hospital (shared costs: government 70%, Nepalmed 30%). The hospital will then start a bus service with a 24-seater.

History Amppipal

Support by Nepalmed e.V.

Since 2003 Nepalmed continuously supports Amppipal Hospital financially and by sending medical specialists. The donations are partly used for purchasing medical equipment as well as for financing a charity fund which covers treatment costs for poor patients. Main Sponsor of the patient fund is the Direkthilfe Nepal e.V.
Nepalmed finances the continuous professional training of the employees (e.g. physiotherapy, midwifery, dental and eye care, maternity, STD, surgery and general hospital management). The greatest part of Nepalmed’s financial resources is used for the enhancement of the hospital infrastructure.
Nepalmed plans and finances construction and renovation of buildings (like office building 2005, guest house 2007, new OT plus labour room and ward 2012, laundry 2017), road construction, and in cooperation with the small projects fund of the German embassy: facility and waste management, renewable power and solar water supplies. Photovoltaic is installed in large parts of the hospital due to the unreliable public power supply. In 2017 a new nurse’s boarding house opened, financed by German foundation “genialsozial”.
After the devastating earthquakes in 2015 Nepalmed supported the surrounding communities to rebuild their houses as well as paying for large parts of the reconstruction work at Amppipal Hospital.

Additional Informationen can be found in the yearly reports.