Videos from Nepal 2019

Gemafree Music from FRAMETRAXX

The group splits up; the majority head back to Kathmandu but Arne Drews, Silke Drews, Theresa Lichtenberg, Heinrich Marx and Greta Drews travel to Pokhara, to see the Phewa Lake and discover the outdoor cinema Movie Garden.

Join us in celebrating the 50 year anniversary of Amppipal Hospital! People come from all over to remember the efforts of the past years and to share stories of the work that they have done in the small mountain region. Nepalmed arrives with many of the people, that have worked with us in the past, and who continue to do great work for the tiny hospital.

We take the morning to climb up to the top of the Liglikot mountain. In ancient times a race, the Liglig Daud, would crown the first person at the top king of the district for a year.

We begin our journey out of the clouded Kathmandu valley to Amppipal, where we want to visit the local mountain hospital. Follow our trip over the surrounding mountains via the Prithvi highway and witness the amazing scenery that we see along the 150 kilometres

Our last day in Kathmandu has arrives but there is still a lot to do and to see; Pashupatinath – the holy death bed of many hinduists, the Taragaon Museum and Bodnath Stupa. Another book reading for Olaf Rieck’s travel group is also in order, as well as a visit to HAMS hospital.