Board of Directors

Dr. med. Arne Drews


Dr. med. Ole Hensel

Deputy Chairman

Public Relations
Website Support

Dr. med. Birgit Kirsch

Project Coordination
Amppipal, Phera

Dr. med. Rüdiger Wenzel

Project Coordination
Amppipal, Kirtipur

Gerda Matzel

Project Coordination

Alena Kuhlmann

Public Relations

Dr. med. Florian Drews

Project Coordination

Consultants and auditors

Dr. med. Sybille Keller

Project management dentistry

Board of Directors – Dentist without Limits Foundation

Frank Winkler

Cash auditor

PD Dr. Joshi Pushpa

Consulting: Nepalese culture


There are no uniform publication requirements for non-profit organizations in Germany. Those who work for the common good should nevertheless tell the community what exactly the organization’s goals are, where the funds come from, how they are used, and who the decision makers are. On the initiative of Transparency Deutschland e.V., numerous actors from civil society and academia have defined ten basic points that every civil society organization should make available to the public. This includes, among other things, the articles of association, the names of the key decision-makers, and information on the source of funds, the use of funds, and the personnel structure. Signatories to the initiative voluntarily commit to making these ten pieces of information easily accessible and published on their website. Nepalmed e.V. participates in this initiative. The association Nepalmed has signed a self-commitment declaration of the “Initiative Transparente Zivilgesellschaft” to strengthen the culture of transparency of non-profit organizations.


1. Name, registered office, year of establishment & address:
The association has the name “Nepalmed” and is based in Grimma / Saxony, Germany. It was founded in 2000 and is registered in the register of associations at the district court of Leipzig under the number 20768. Our address is: Nepalmed e.V., Straße des Friedens 27, D-04668 Grimma, Germany.

2. Objective & statute:
The NGO Nepalmed aims to support Nepalese initiatives in the field of health care and to actively participate in the promotion and development of the local health care system on a project basis. You can download and view the statutes of our association below. Statutes as PDF document (German)

3. Notice of exemption:
The association is exempt from corporate income tax and trade tax according to the exemption notice.

4. Names & functions of decision makers:
The organs of the association are the board of directors and the general meeting. Board introduction see top of page.

5. Report on our activity:
We provide information on our current activities each year in our annual report. Overview annual reports

6. Staffing Structure:
The number of employees is currently one person, employed on a part-time basis. The rest of the staff are all volunteers.

7. Source of funds:
For the source of funds, please refer to the explanations in the financial and annual reports.

8. Appropriation of funds:
The use of funds is also presented in the financial and annual reports. The Association shall render accounts to the members as well as to the tax authorities by means of voluntarily prepared annual financial statements consisting of a profit & loss account based on the general commercial accounting rules. The annual accounts of the association including the bookkeeping are regularly prepared and audited by our elected cash auditor Frank Winkler and the active member Mrs. Silke Drews.

9. Corporate law connections:
The association Nepalmed is a member of the German “NGO-Forum Nepal” and several board members are active members of the German-Nepalese Society.

10. Names of legal entities: