Completed projects

Detailed information on our projects can also be found in our annual reports:

2006 (German), 2007 (German), 2008 (German), 2009 (German), 2010, 2011 (German), 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020


December 2020 – Miscellaneous: In Amppipal, Sudarshan School has been reopened. 27 students were provided with school materials. In addition, the Eye Camps of Dr. Kishore Pradhan’s team from Matrika Eye Center Kathmandu took place in Amppipal, 46 patients received surgical treatment.

In Solukhumbu, toilet construction was completed at the Health Posts in Tingla and Jaidu.

In Chitwan, the toilets and washroom at the orphanage in Sauraha were completed.

The students of Old Capital Secondary School in Gorkha received 800 masks from McKinsey & Company.

29.December 2020 – MDR TV: The Sachsenspiegel (German) reports about us. As a result, we receive more donations.

KIRTIPUR: The goal is to provide furniture and medical equipment for the trauma surgery ward. A full set of ward equipment is required. Beds, monitors, computers, trolleys, chairs, ECG, oxygen concentrator, tables,…

Expansion of trauma surgery ward Kirtipur: Goal: Expansion of the hospital shell into a trauma surgery ward with separate areas for infectious patients.

Monthly cost ambulance service at Kirtipur Hospital Year 2020: funding the monthly cost of ambulance service at Kirtipur Hospital.

Toilets for Jaidu & Tingla Healthpost in Solukhumbu: The Health Posts in Jaidu and Tingla in the Solukhumbu region urgently need toilets and washrooms. These were built by the fall of 2020.

July 2020 – Projects continue: Despite the Corona pandemic, our projects are picking up momentum: Long-awaited material deliveries make it possible to continue construction of the nurses’ home at Amppipal Hospital. The new laser for the Matrika Eye Center arrived and was used on the first patients.

June 2020 – Helmet Doctors: The Corona pandemic with its associated curfew has made it impossible for many patients to reach a doctor. Together with the Nepal Development Society (NeDS) and the Palungtar Municipality, we aim to
establish the Helmet Doctor Project for the community of Palungtar. The “Helmet Doctor” visits sick or quarantined patients by motorcycle and provides them with necessary medication.

May 2020 – Corona Pandemic: Our project work has been severely limited by the Corona Pandemic. Little is going on. Almost all construction work has come to a halt.

May 2020 – Food distribution in Solukhumbu: Distribution of food for 400 families who cannot generate income due to the lockdown has started.

March 2020 food packages for the needy: As part of the Corona pandemic, a widespread curfew was imposed with fatal consequences for many people of Nepal. We have been distributing food packages since April.

Health and hygiene training in rural Nepal: Many people in Nepal lack knowledge and awareness of hygiene. Washing hands, brushing teeth and menstrual hygiene are unfortunately not a matter of course, so we have been providing training on this topic.

“Mountain cinema” on Ligligkot, sponsorships for chairs: “Mountain cinema” Ligligkot – Nature as filmmaker

School kitchen for Shree Sudarshan Basic School, District Gorkha: Construction of a school kitchen >> financed by individual donations and the LVZ campaign “Ein Licht im Advent” (A Light in Advent)

Amppipal facility new building: Equipment for outpatient clinic building >> financed by the LVZ campaign “Ein Licht im Advent”.

Bronchoscope for Patan: Bronchoscope for the children’s ward >>>> financed by individual donations

Reconstruction of the Gompa in Phera: Reconstruction of the cultural meeting place of the community of Phera >> partly financed by an individual donation of B. Wiggen, the rest was raised by the community itself. Beatawiggen, Nepalnow.

Planning and construction of a sewage plant: Construction of an environmentally friendly sewage plant for the Amppipal hospital.


November and December 2019 – Donations: In November and December alone, so many donations were received on the Nepalmed account that we were able to confirm the expansion of the trauma surgery ward Kirtipur and the monthly costs ambulance service at Kirtipur hospital year 2020. In Amppipal, the financing of the expansion of the nurses’ home and the sewage system has been secured. There were also donations for health and hygiene training in rural Nepal.

October 2019 – Bergsichtenfestival: At the Bergsichtenfestival in Dresden we were present with an information booth. We got into conversation with many guests and our donation box was well filled at the end.

September 2019 – COPD Awareness: The Health Assistants around Tara Ballav Adhikari carried out a free awareness campaign in Pokhara for the WORLD COPD Day.

August 2019 – After the landslide: In Amppipal, after the removal of landslides on the access roads, the construction work for the expansion of the nurses’ home has started. In Kirtipur, D. Matthaeus, an experienced paramedic, is on site to update colleagues. The clinic’s training programs are very well received in the greater Kathmandu area.

August 2019 – Tour Guide Training: This year’s course for Diamir tour guides was held.

July 2019 – Lung Health: We handed over a lung function device to the Kathmandu Model Hospital in August and trained the staff. There was great joy among the medical staff and the administrative manager for this additional examination option.

July 2019 – Study support: Thanks to a currently ongoing study in the rural area of the Kaski district, there is a national screening program on blood pressure and diabetes since this year. Currently, the study arm on chronic bronchitis is still ongoing. Under the direction of a Nepalese-Danish researcher, a group of health care assistants surveyed approximately 1500 people over a three-month period. Blood pressure, blood sugar and lung function were measured. People were counseled on healthy eating, clean air and smoking cessation. The study results will in turn lead to a national strategy for lung health. Nepalmed provided lung function equipment for this purpose, evaluated the measurement curves, and provided financial support for the study.

April 2019- 50 years of Amppipal Hospital: Celebration to mark the 50th anniversary of Amppipal Hospital.

March 2019- Tourism Training: 22 hosts of the Gorkha Heritage Trail participated in a two-day training on tourism. New cooking skills and everything related to hospitality were imparted with great pleasure.


January 2018 – the trainee for trauma surgery A. Toepper was in Kirtipur Hospital for 2 months and trained the doctors of the emergency department in the triage system and in the management of mass casualty incidents. There were also several trainings on shock room treatment and again on Basic and Advanced Life Support. She also spent part of her deployment at Pharping Hospital training the staff there.

March 2018 – anesthesiologist A. Kuczmanski was in Kirtipur: He was mostly in the ITS and in the OR and trained colleagues in respiratory therapy and therapeutic bronchoscopy (lung endoscopy). Together with A. Toepper, he also conducted training and workshops on first aid for injured patients and Advanced Trauma Life Support.

April 2018 – Cardiologist S. Schläger joined the team in April, focusing on the care of cardiac emergencies in the ER and ITS. In doing so, she also trained the Nepalese colleagues in Kirtipur and Pharping in emergency echo and FAST, so that they can now independently perform orienting ultrasound examinations of the heart.

April and October 2018 – U. Heidecke (BLS-AED instructor, certified anesthesia care specialist) performed several exercises with the automatic defibrillators on the practice manikin and maintained the AEDs together with N. Tamrakar. The defibrillation exercises also took place in Pharping with the staff there and R. Budhathoki.

April 2018 – pulmonologist G. Krause was able to purchase a bronchoscope for anesthesia donated by Storz Germany for Kirtipur.

November 2018 – advanced training in the care of accident victims was provided by anesthesiologist M. Haesner and paramedic E. Haesner. A 2-day international trauma congress was organized with Dr. N. Tamrakar. This also involved Nepalese air ambulance emergency physicians and members of the police.

November 2018 – Drilling Machine For years, R. Kalisch has been advising the surgeon of this remote hospital in the very far west of the country. Now he received a drilling machine for the OR including accessories from the company Synthes and handed it over in November.

November 2018 – the dental department moved to the new OPD building. S. Keller, our coordinator, and P. Roth, were on site to help the Amppipal – team with the move.

Over the year – donations: Thanks to the donations, a colposcopy unit for cancer screening (gynecology), a bronchoscope and a neonatal unit were given to Kirtipur and two monitors, a labor recorder and nebulizers for medicines were given to Pharping Hospital.

Over the year -10 PAUL waterfilter stations were installed by B. Kirsch and D. Sherpa. Health stations and schools in Phera, Maidane, Bodu, Amppipal and Kirtipur now have clean water. New school toilets were inaugurated in Bodu. At the popular Bishnu Devi temple in Kirtipur, we financed the construction of toilets. At Kathmandu Women’s Prison, toilets and showers were repaired, a waterfilter was installed, and vocational training for hairdressers was established for resocialization.

Over the year – Amppipal: Health insurance is well received. The mother-child house and the laundry, including machinery, were handed over in April. The office building received an exterior paint job. The new main building will be inaugurated at the end of the year. The road to Amppipal Hospital was widened to a length of 3.8 km and paved against landslides. A health camp was held for 300 patients. The access road to the new emergency room was covered with a coarse stone bed and then made passable with reinforced concrete. Drainage and roofing protect against the monsoon. The large autoclave for trauma surgical instruments was delivered.

About the year 2018 – Dental care in Amppipal, the dental hygienist Prem, who has the license to perform various treatments, maintained the treatment possibility in the dental department. He was supported by assistant Jit. He extracted nearly 500 teeth, placed nearly 100 fillings, and performed over 30 scaling and dental cleanings. To our great delight, a young dentist, A. Gahler, was recruited to examine over 600 children in two schools in our district, who were then treated as needed in Amppipal. He also conducted oral hygiene training.


February 2017 – Girls toilets at Sudarshan School was completed,

March 2017 – Nurses’ quarters at Amppipal Hospital was completed.

April 2017 – Pulmonary Function Courses: In April and November, pulmonary function courses were conducted by us at a total of six hospitals and we donated the spirometers in the process. Two of the courses were conducted according to the European Respiratory Society program. 15 participants obtained the ERS spirometry license.

April 2017 – Phera village reconstruction project: we completed this project in Solu district in spring. The supported households were able to repair or rebuild their houses. Along the way, Phera Primary School received a much needed heating facility from the reconstruction budget.

May 2017 – Health Post Maidane in the Solu district now has a permanent dental assistant and a paramedic. Patient numbers are steadily increasing. The annual budget for the operation of € 5,500 is covered by Nepalmed.

July 2017 – Main road to Amppipal Hospital was started to be built,

Late summer 2017 – Damage to the hospital entrance of Amppipal Hospital due to landslides in the monsoon rains has been repaired.

August 2017 – Construction of laundry and mother-child house at Amppipal Hospital,

October 2017 – Patient bus in Gorhka district has been put into operation.

August, October 2017 – Local dental assistant Prem is serving 10-25 patients daily at Amppipal Hospital. After his advanced training, the presence of German dentists is now no longer mandatory. In October, Dr. P. Roth was again on site to perform dental examinations in schools.

October 2017 – Training in Kirtipur Hopsital: Dr. G. Krause trained several medical colleagues. In addition, a 2-day practical workshop was held there on the new bronchoscopy model. In the meantime, hysteroscopies are performed regularly by the gynecologists of the hospital. For this purpose, the gynecologist Dr. S. Shrestha was given the opportunity to attend a training course in India lasting several days. A hysteroscopy model was provided by Nepalmed for intra-hospital practice.

About the year 2017 – surgical implants for 10,000 € were invested in Amppipal Hospital.

About the year 2017 – Kirtipur Hospital: labor recorders for the delivery room at Kirtipur Hospital and a venenfinder for the newly established neonatal ITS with eight incubators were purchased. Newborn resuscitation can now be practiced using a practice manikin. The midwife E. Mattli conducted several training courses with the staff of the delivery room and the newborn ITS as well as the pediatric colleagues of the hospital. An exercise manikin was added to the Emergency Medicine Training Center, which can be defibrilled (electrical shocks in ventricularflimmern), among other things.

About the year 2017 – clean drinking water: a total of 10 PAUL waterfilters were provided to us by various donors. Three of them are destined for the projects in Solu district. The filter turns any surfacefl water into drinking water as long as the water does not contain toxic substances or metals. The three filters for Solu will be placed at schools in Phera, Beni and Garma. The respective villagers will also have access. The other filters will be set up at project sites in Kirtipur, Amppipal and the Balkhu Lions Slum Clinic.


September 2016 – Health insurance: Gorkha district introduces health insurance. The Nepalese government has selected the district for the model trial. Amppipal Hospital is the central service provider for this. The insurance costs NRP 2500 per year for five family members and NRP 425 for each additional family member. Patients must pay for any treatment costs above and beyond this themselves. It is currently being examined whether billing can be done online. Planned start date is May 2017.

June 2016 – Water line construction: Starting from the Health Post in Sipaghat, Dr. Komal and Suraj Shrestha are building water lines to surrounding villages with friends. The farmers there were desperate because of dried up springs and were already considering relocating entire villages. Nepalmed finances the supply of Sipa Pokhare with 58 houses and 560 inhabitants.

June 2016 – Gorkha Hospital: Report of the Nepalese daily newspaper “Republica” from 05.06.16: due to a fire in the generator room, the hospital pharmacy is closed for weeks and patients are not treated in the outpatient clinic. There is great uproar because of the neglect of maintenance and low morale of the staff.

June 2016 – CT at Kirtipur Hospital: The Siemens CT scanner sponsored by Nepalmed e.V. and Aktion Medeor goes into operation – a milestone for the development of the hospital.

May 2016 – Kirtipur Hospital: The children’s ward is equipped with colorful chairs and potties.

May 2016 – Makwanpur: The circle of friends around K.P. Maskey hands over 250 school uniforms for the children of the poor villagers of the Chepang tribe. The women of the village receive simple briquette machines. The plant briquettes will be sold as fuel to hotels and restaurants.

May 2016 – Road construction in Amppipal: The local authorities approve the extension of a year-round road to the hospital. Nepalmed invests NRP 3 million.

April 2016 – Amppipal Hospital: Demolition of the outpatient department of the hospital has taken place. Reconstruction with funds from the Japanese JICA will follow.

April 2016 – Nepal Day in Cologne: The new Charge de Affair of the Nepalese Embassy is presented. Ole Hensel (hiking trail) and Arne Drews (health care) give presentations. A. Drews becomes health care editor of Nepal Information.

March 2016 – Gorhka Heritage Trek, a new hiking trail in Nepal: Here you can find all information about the new hiking trail: Gorkha Heritage Trek (PDF document).

March 2016 – Film: Urmila will be in theaters starting May 26, 2016. Urmila tells the hopeful story of a young woman fighting for freedom, justice and a perspective for young girls in Nepal. Link to the film

February 2016 – Moving due to demolition: The entire northern part of Amppipal Hospital, which houses the outpatient department, has been moved to the other buildings. Thus, the demolition and new construction of the building can now take place.

February 2016 – New building: The new building of the nurses’ home in Amppipal has started – the construction work is in full swing.

February 2016 – OR technology ordered: An orthopedic operating table, appropriate instruments and a large sterilizer for the new instruments have been ordered for Amppipal.

February 2016 – Karl Storz Endoscopy in Kirtipur: The new device for colonoscopy was handed over and trained by Gerda Matzel. A light source, monitor and other parts were purchased for the separate use of uteroscopy.

February 2016 – Border blockade: The political disagreements between India and Nepal have still not been resolved. The shortage of goods is felt by the hospitals when the supply of medicines is missing and the emergency generators cannot be operated during the many power cuts.

January 2016 – Langtang Emergency Relief: 300 winter blankets were handed over to the inhabitants of the destroyed villages as short-term emergency relief due to a cold spell.

January 2016 – Health Post equipped: the health post damaged in the earthquake at Sipaghat in the district of Sindhupalchok was equipped with a power generator, laboratory equipment and medical technology. Operations will resume in February 2016.


December 2015 – new instruments: the company Karl Storz donates the instruments for gynecological endoscopy (hysteroscopy) for the Kirtipur Hospital.

December 2015 – new houses: first houses in Phera village in Solu district are rebuilt in time before winter with the donations of Fabien Matthias.

December 2015 – X-ray equipment for Gorkha Hospital: Nepalmed finances a new Siemens X-ray machine and digital image acquisition for the destroyed district hospital.

December 2015 – Amppipal Hospital: work begins on the reconstruction of the outpatient department.

December 2015 – Events: countless benefit events in favor of the project work take place all over Germany. The 2016 calendar has long been sold out, the film and short story book are also in great demand. Nepalmed publishes a thank you letter to the supporters with the summary of the previous projects from 15 years of Nepalmed.

December 2015 – Acknowledgement: Many thanks to Direkthilfe Nepal, Ursula Ochs. Due to the financial support for many years, the patient fund is always well filled, no patient has to be sent home due to lack of funds. In 2015, the association provided 2,000 euros for the treatment of destitute patients! Link

November 2015 – End of activity: the gynecologist von Oertzen ends her activity in Amppipal. Medical staffing will be provided by the Patan Academy of Health Sciences. Nepalmed and GRVD send trauma surgeons. Dr. Birgit Kirsch conducts several vascular medicine courses in Nepal.

November 2015 – Sister organization: The Nepalese sister organization Nepalmed Nepal is founded and registered with the Social Welfare Council. Babu Ram Giri is the chairman.

November 2015 – Political situation: Political tensions with India before and after the election of Nepal’s new Prime Minister Oli in mid-October lead to a week-long halt in deliveries of fuel and cooking gas to Nepal. The country’s roads are empty, restaurants closed, no emergency power in hotels and hospitals, and only sporadic cabs or domestic flights take place.

October 2015 – Laying of the foundation stone: Laying of the foundation stone for nurses’ accommodation (financed by genialsozial via Nepalmed) and handover of the transport jeep (financed by Nepalmed) to Amppipal Hospital by Arne Drews and Consul Ram Thapa. Due to the severe damage to the building, considerable additional expenditures must be made for reconstruction. The American Nepal Medical Foundation finances the construction of the new pharmacy and storage rooms. The Japanese JICA is financing the construction of the new outpatient department of the hospital. The Patan Academy of Health Sciences is funding the construction of a new doctor’s quarters.

October 2015 – Outreach in Nepal: Several board members and members are in Nepal. Birgit Kirsch hands over donations for the destroyed village of Phera in Solu. Arne Drews travels with Consul Ram Thapa to the districts of Gorkha and Lamjung to plan the improvement of health care. Ole Hensel explores tourism opportunities for the Amppipal region.

September 2015 – Book: The 1st edition of the book “Ligligkot and back” is sold out. The 2nd edition is available for order on Amazon.

September 2015 – Celebration: Arne and Silke Drews are invited to the citizens’ celebration of the Federal President at Bellevue Palace in Berlin. They hand over a book of short stories to Mr. Gauck and Mrs. Schadt.

August 2015 – Filmfest: Filmfest in the quarry Gaudlitzberg near Wurzen/Saxony. Our documentary film by Peter-Hugo Scholz and Olaf Kreiss about the earthquake mission of the Nepalmed team is shown as a short version.

August 2015 – Situation on the ground: landslides in the rainy season pose a great danger for the villages in the earthquake region. Meaningful reconstruction work is currently impossible.

July 2015 – MDR Television: The MDR broadcast a television report about the work and help of Nepalmed in its program “exakt”.

July 2015 – Investment X-ray: Nepalmed invests in the X-ray department for the Kirtipur Hospital. The new digital X-ray image processing is working. The room for the new powerful X-ray tube is under construction. The small mobile X-ray machine for emergency cases in the wards has also been delivered. The rooms for the ordered computer tomography are also under construction.

June 2015 – 15 years of Nepalmed: The anniversary event on June 6, 2015 at the Zeitgeschichtliches Forum Leipzig with the benefit lecture by Dr. Olaf Rieck and the round of talks with Honorary Consul Ram Thapa and Mr. Pölzl from the Leipziger Volkszeitung attracted numerous visitors.

June 2015 – 15 years of Nepalmed: The anniversary event on June 6, 2015 at the Zeitgeschichtliches Forum Leipzig with the benefit lecture by Dr. Olaf Rieck and the round of talks with Honorary Consul Ram Thapa and Mr. Pölzl from the Leipziger Volkszeitung attracted numerous visitors.

June 2015 – Book of short stories: “Ligligkot and back” was published in German and English. Task forces from Europe and our partners from Nepal report entertainingly about experiences in development cooperation. Price 19,90 Euro (of which 14,00 Euro go to the project work) – order in the store.

June 2015 – Situation on the ground: The Kathmandu Model Hospital, Kirtipur Hospital and Amppipal Hospital are running again with full operation. The distribution of tents, tarpaulins, blankets and water filters in the villages around Amppipal is completed. The monsoon season has begun.

May 2015 – Damage to the hospitals: The numerous aftershocks have now left their mark on our partner hospitals after all.

May 2015 – new earthquake: Nepal was hit by another severe earthquake today (12.05.2015).

May 2015 – situation reports:
Nepalmed summarizes the current situation on the ground in the disaster area and the development in daily new reports. Here are the reports
ordered by the date of publication:

May 2015 – Action plans: Nepalmed has prepared action plans for the Nepalese partner hospitals. These inform about the necessary measures, which should be implemented quickly and urgently to improve the current emergency situation on the ground.

April 2015 – Media Contributions: In the wake of the earthquake disaster, Arne Drews has given many interviews to various media on the current situation in Nepal and Nepalmed’s aid in particular.

April 2015 – Benefit Concert: Nepalmed has decided to transfer an emergency aid of 10,000 Euros to the Kirtipur Hospital in the valley of Kathmandu for patient treatment. The Model Hospital in the center of the city transfers all operations there, as this hospital was not damaged. Kirtipur currently has a capacity of 200 beds, was inaugurated in 2013 and, like the Model Hospital, is also run by PHECT Nepal, a Nepali non-profit NGO. A big problem in Kirtipur is the very old X-ray facility. This must be replaced as soon as possible, i.e. in the next few weeks, by a digital system (Siemens Mobil 10, Agfa digital scanner and printer, cost: approx. 27,000 euros). Sunday, May 10, 2015, benefit concert in the Frauenkirche Grimma, Lange Straße, 5:00 pm. Cantor Tobias Nicolaus plays the organ.

April 2015 – Earthquake: The severe earthquake in Nepal caused only minor property damage at Amppipal Hospital. The major hospitals in the valley of Kathmandu are working. Due to the current situation, no students can be sent to the crisis area on clinical traineeship. They can only go to the hospitals on their own responsibility as crisis workers. However, Nepalmed cannot take any responsibility for this!

March 2015 – Endoscopy department in Kirtipur is fully equipped: the last planned pieces of furniture, another patient couch and an instrument cabinet, have arrived. On March 2, Gerda Matzel conducts a workshop cleaning and disinfection of endoscopes with infection risk minimization. 9 endoscopy nurses have registered for this from various hospitals.

February 2015 – Public health studies in Amppipal: three Swedish medical students from the University of Gothenburg, in cooperation with the Patan Academy of Health Sciences, start scientific studies on the medical care of the rural population in the district of Gorkha. Their base is the Amppipal Hospital.

February 2015 – Article: the Leipziger Volkszeitung publishes a large article about Nepalmed and the commitment of the association on site with the many different projects.

February 2015 – new dental treatment unit: thanks to the donations of the Kempten support group around family Gries and Gertrud Reske the worn out dental unit in Amppipal Hospital is replaced.

January 2015 – Immunization Conference: Silke, Arne and Mathilda Drews were invited to Berlin for the GAVI conference (global immunization alliance) under the German G7 presidency. US$7 billion was donated to vaccinate 300 million children worldwide against a variety of pathogens over the next 5 years.

January 2015 – Vaccination Conference: Silke, Arne and Mathilda Drews were invited to Berlin for the GAVI conference (global vaccination alliance) under the German G7 presidency. 7 billion US dollars were donated to vaccinate 300 million children worldwide against a variety of pathogens in the next 5 years.

January 2015 – Winner at youth solidarity campaign: Nepalmed is a winner at the biggest Saxon youth solidarity campaign “genialsozial” and is happy that the grant money can be used to finance the ambulance for the Amppipal Hospital as well as an extension of the hospital.

The documentary filmmaker Dr. Hugo Scholz in conversation with Dr. Arne Drews.


November 2014 – Doctor for Amppipal: The gynecologist von Oertzen takes over the three-year doctor’s position, financed by AGEH and Nepalmed. She has decades of experience in development cooperation from her previous work in Africa.

September 2014 – Endoscopy Department: Dr. Matzel is at Kirtipur Hospital from August 2014 to March 2015 to set up a department for gastroscopy and colonoscopy at the newly opened teaching hospital there. For this purpose, we received a new device donated by the company Karl Storz. Many thanks!

September 2014 – Doctorate: Board member Sylvia Schönfelder successfully defended her doctoral thesis on mother and child health in the Amppipal region at the Technical University of Dresden. Supervisor is Prof. Dr. Kugler from the Institute of Public Health. Congratulations! An abstract of the results can be found under health data.

August 2014 – Award: Federal Order of Merit to Dr. Wolfhard Starke, awarded in recognition of his many years of voluntary work for the Amppipal Hospital.

July 2014 – Pulmonary function course: Arne and Silke Drews conduct part 2 of the European Lung Society program to learn how to measure pulmonary function. All 4 participants pass the practical exam.

July 2014 – X-ray facility: the new X-ray machine from Siemens goes into operation in Amppipal. It is a donation of the Rotary Clubs Korbach and Bad Arolsen. Many thanks! The digital image processing of the X-ray, donated by Nepalmed, is already running since January 2014.

April 2014 – Doctor position: the decision to fill the doctor position financed by AGEH and Nepalmed for Amppipal Hospital has been made. Starting in autumn, the gynecologist von Oertzen will use her many years of experience in Africa in Nepal. During the planned three years of her stay, the hospital will be prepared for independence.

March 2014 – Study: an investigation at Amppipal Hospital reveals a very low contamination of the population with the stomach bacteria Helicobacter pylori, which is widespread in Germany and in Kathmandu. Thanks to Prof. Dr. Schiefke from KH St. Georg Leipzig for the advice and to Elisabeth Böhm and Dr. Dagmar Keller for the implementation on site.

March 2014 – Visit from Nepal: the anesthesia nurse Ram Chandra Dhakal comes to Germany for 6 weeks for internship. Stations of his stay are Berlin, Grimma, Itzehoe (where most of the training is done), Parchim and Ludwigsfelde.

February 2014 – Refurbishment: the refurbishment works on all staff quarters of Amppipal Hospital start (8 buildings!). All windows are swollen. All toilets, showers and cooking facilities are to be renewed. All ceilings and walls are to be rat proofed.

January 2014 – X-ray facility: in Amppipal the digital X-ray facility from Siemens is put into operation. Sponsors are the Rotary Clubs Korbach and Bad Arolsen (40%) and Nepalmed (60% of the investment).


December 2013 – Pulmonary function course: at Kirtipur Hospital, A. and S. Drews and I. Steenbruggen and M. Geerts (both Netherlands) conducted the world’s first pulmonary function course according to the spirometry training program of the European Lung Society ERS. The 19 Nepalese participants are enthusiastic about the practical exercises and the collegial transfer of medical knowledge.

December 2013 – Jeep: in Amppipal the new transport jeep is handed over by Nepalmed as a donation for the Amppipal Hospital.

September 2013 – Press: on Thursday, September 26, 2013, the MDR TV channel broadcast a short portrait as part of the TV program “Nah Dran” about Nepalmed. ViewSeptember 2013 – Press: on Thursday, September 26, 2013, the MDR TV channel broadcast a short portrait as part of the TV program “Nah Dran” about Nepalmed. View

August 2013 – Calendar: Nepalmed member Dr. R. Wenzel from Parchim has designed and produced a calendar for the year 2014 with motifs from Nepal. This can be purchased in support of Nepalmed. Here is a visual sample

June 2013 – Article: the June issue of Breathe magazine features an article by Dr. Arne Drews about spirometry training in Nepal as part of Nepalmed’s local commitment. Article as PDF document

May 2013 – Nurse school: for the construction of a nurse school in Amppipal Nepalmed receives a grant from the Schöck-Familien-Stiftung gGmbH.

February 2013 – Press: in the magazine of the Leipziger Volkszeitung a big article about Nepalmed and the work on site in the Amppipal Hospital was published.


Dezember 2012 – Dokumentarfilm: Ende des Monats wird ein Filmteam um Dr. Peter-Hugo Scholz, Olaf Kreiß und Michael Ludo in Amppipal sein, um einen Film über die Arbeit und das Engagement von Nepalmed zu drehen.

ab 01. Dezember 2012 – Ausstellung: Bilderausstellung im Ärztehaus Grimma über die Arbeit von Nepalmed.

16. November 2012 – Artikel: Veröffentlichung eines Artikels von Dr. Arne Drews im Deutschen Ärzteblatt (Heft 46) über den Verein und die Arbeit im Amppipal Hospital.

20. Oktober – 03. November 2012 – Mitgliederreise: Durchführung der 4. Mitgliederreise nach Nepal. Reiseprogrammüberblick: Kathmandu mit Model Hospital, Spendenübergabe von Bundeswehrmaterial an das Krankenhaus in Kirtipur, Besuch der Hospitäler in Amppipal und Pokhara.

August 2012 – Arztsuche: Antrag auf Suche nach und Finanzierung eines Chirurgen für das Amppipal Hospital bei der AGEH (Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Entwicklungshilfe e.V.) eingereicht.

12. Mai 2012 – Mitgliederversammlung: die diesjährige Mitgliederversammlung fand in der Urania in Grimma statt. Einen ausführlichen Bericht über alle aktuellen Aktivitäten und die neuesten Bilder finden Sie im folgenden PDF-Dokument. Bericht – Mitgliederversammlung

April 2012 – Ende der Tätigkeit von Dr. Wolfhard Starke im Amppipal Hospital: chirurgische Besetzung durch deutsche Ärzte mit Kurzeinsätzen bis Ende des Jahres 2012 gesichert.

30. März 2012: Inbetriebnahme des neuen Operations- und Gynäkologietraktes im Amppipal Hospital: Ausstattung mit einer solaren Wassererwärmung für den OP und die Krankenstation.