Kirtipur Hospital

Hospital facts

Address: Devdhoka, Kirtipur Municipality, Kirtipur, Dependance des Kathmandu Model Hospital, Pradarshani Marg, Kathmandu, Nepal, Tel. 00977-1-4240806,4240805

Kirtipur Hospital is a communal hospital run by the Nepalese aid organization PHECT Nepal (Public Health Concern Trust) and the municipality of Kirtipur. There are currently 100 beds available. A house of maximum care with 300 beds is planned. Kirtipur Hospital has been working with the support of the Kathmandu Model Hospital (KMH) since 2006. Originally, there were departments for dental treatment and obstetrics on site.

The “Nepal Cleft and Burn Center” for the treatment of cleft lip and palate and burns or the consequences of burns (e.g. contractions and disfigurements) is attached to the house. Here, internationally renowned specialists work together with the Nepalese doctors. It is now possible to donate skin for skin transplantation.

Geographical position

The village of Kirtipur is only a few kilometers southwest of the city center of Kathmandu on a hill behind the Tribhuvan University campus. Despite the proximity to the capital, visitors find a quiet town life, wonderfully preserved, traditional buildings and magnificent temples, which testify to the former importance of the village.

Current situation

Currently, there is a gynecological ward and a general medical ward (mixed internal and surgical ward). There is also an IMC (Intermediate Care) and an ICU (Intensive Care Unit). There are permanent Nepalese doctors on site, covering the fields of general medicine, anesthesia, gynecology / obstetrics, ENT, internal medicine, surgery, pediatrics, radiology and urology. Additionally, there are interns and medical students from Nepal but also from other countries (e.g. India, Pakistan, Australia, Germany, USA, Canada). Furthermore, KMH doctors are sent to Kirtipur on a rotation basis.

The complete spectrum of general medical diseases are treated (tuberculosis, bronchitis, asthma, diarrhea / cholera, gastritis, arthritis, cataract, vitamin deficiency, influenza, ulcers, AIDS, urinary tract infections, malaria, liver cirrhosis, goiter, cancer (palliative)) and surgical interventions ( Appendectomy, cholecystectomy) both laparoscopically and openly. In addition, with the help of Nepalmed, an endoscopic department is being set up in which gastroscopies, colonoscopies and hysteroscopies will be performed and, in the near future, bronchoscopies as well. There is a pharmacy, a laboratory and outpatient treatment rooms in the respective disciplines.

Emergency treatment is guaranteed 24 hours a day via the interdisciplinary emergency room. Kirtipur Hospital works closely with specialized hospitals and provides an ambulance for medically necessary transfers.

Kirtipur Hospital is committed to teaching and is currently training radiology assistants, nursing staff and laboratory assistants and will become a teaching hospital of the University of Kathmandu.

Aid through Nepalmed e.V.

Nepalmed e.V. has continuously supported Kirtipur Hospital financially and by sending specialists since 2012. The funds are used to purchase urgently needed medical equipment. A department for internal diagnostics with endoscopes from the Karl Storz company was set up, as well as a radiology department with Siemens computer tomography, stationary and mobile x-rays, a traumatological center with ambulance service, emergency room, trauma surgery station, operating theater equipment and an emergency training room. There was extensive emergency aid during the earthquake and the corona pandemic.

Extensive information can be found in our annual reports .