Homestay at Aashish Regmi, Kirtipur

Members trip 2019

With a handful of members, Nepalmed embarked on a journey to Nepal in 2019. A video documentary was created in the process.

We invite you to experience the second day in Kathmandu, with a side trip to Durbar Square, a walk through Thamel and the discovery of smaller religious sites.

Today we follow our troop on a rainy journey to the world cultural heritage in Bhaktapur. We visited the old pottery center, explored the temples, palaces and monuments that have not lost the charm of the past centuries, and have survived two major earthquakes in the last 100 years.

On the fifth day of their trip, the team diligently continues to learn Nepali and visits Kirtipur to check on the hospital and explore the city. Arne Drews read from his third book “Demons – A Nepal Thriller” at Kathmandu Guest House.

Follow a mountain flight with panorama of Mount Everest and a tour of Patan. Discover the local Durbar Square and the beautiful local museum.

Our last day in Kathmandu is dawning and there is still much to discover; Pashupatinath – the sacred site of the dead, the Taragaon Museum and Bodnath Temple. Also on our schedule is another book reading for Olaf Rieck’s traveling party and a visit to the HAMS hospital.

We start our way out of the cloudy Kathmandu valley to Amppipal, where we want to visit the local mountain hospital. Follow our journey over the surrounding mountains and observe the incredible scenery we get to experience along the way as we cover the 150km to the small village in the mountains.

We take the morning to climb the Liglikot. In past eras, the first to reach the top of the mountain during the Liglig Daud (Liglikot race) was crowned King of Gorkha, if only for a year.

Come and celebrate 50 years of Amppipal Hospital with us! People come from all directions to commemorate the efforts of years past and share stories. Nepalmed is of course also at the start, with many members who have done great things for the small hospital.

The group splits; the majority head back to Kathmandu, but Arne Drews, Silke Drews, Theresa Lichtenberg, Heinrich Marx and Greta Drews head to Pokhara to see Lake Phewa and discover the outdoor cinema, Movie Garden.

We continue to diligently explore Pokhara on the last day of the Nepalese calendar year. An observation deck is visited, the city is further discovered, and there is proper relaxation at the Swiss International Hotel Sarowar!

We set off for the far west of Nepal. First a flight to Dhangadhi, followed by a nine-hour drive to Bayalpata Hospital, where Silke and Arne Drews will give a spirometry course to medical students from four different districts the following day.

Arne and Silke Drews give a spirometry course at Bayalpata Hospital. Dawa Sherpa (board member of Nepalmed Nepal) installs another PAUL (Portable Aqua Unit for Life-saving), a water filtration unit. The team is also taken to nearby Sanfebagar.

Another day of travel through the scenic countryside of Western Nepal to get back to Kathmandu from Bayalpata Hospital.

We fly out to Biratnagar and drive an hour to nearby Dharan. There we will explore the city and the cultural sites of Budha Subba Temple, Dantakali Temple and the Pindeshwor Shiva Temple, as well as the village of Bhedetar.

Silke and Arne Drews teach a spirometry course at the B.P. Koirala Institute of Health Sciences (BPKIHS). The troop also goes to Hile to explore the town and see the local tea plantation.

Follow the group’s journey back to Kathmandu and relax with impressions of the tourist district of Thamel. Arne and Silke Drews are invited by Club 50 to honor their work in Nepal.

We visit the Patan Central Zoo and meet Dr. Chiranjibi Pokharel. He shows us the veterinary station and also the zoo kitchen, where the food for the animals is prepared.

And so ends our April 2019 members trip, a final journey awaits us: first a flight to the new airport in Istanbul and then on to Berlin . We would like to thank everyone who made this tour with us and we hope that we could give you an impression of Nepal and the work of Nepalmed with this video blog.