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Every euro has a far greater purchasing power in Nepal than in Europe and helps us to support partners and projects in Nepal in the long term. We thank you for your help and appreciate your loyalty and continued support in the future.

Below are the different ways to support our work in Nepal financially:

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Our fundraising campaigns

  1. Vaccine Refrigerator for health post Bigutar

    The health post is located in Bigutar village, Siddhicharan municipality, Okhaldhunga. Every day about 40 to 45 patients from the surrounding villages receive treatment.  The health post serves three vaccination centers.

    There is an urgent need for a vaccine refrigerator 80-100 l.

    2.000,00 € donated of 2.000,00 € goal
  2. Stretcher and solar hot water for Jaidu Healthpost

    An examination table and a solar hot water module are urgently needed for the Jaidu Health Post in the Solukhumbu region. Catchment area is 400 households. 15-25 patients are cared for every day.

    220,00 € donated of 710,00 € goal
  3. Kitchen building for Charghare School

    As part of our school lunch program, Charghare School urgently needs an additional building where the food can be prepared and the children can eat their meals. The meals are currently prepared in a small washhouse or outdoors.

    2.475,00 € donated of 9.500,00 € goal

To see our current fundraising campaigns, please also check the German page. Additionally, we run active campaigns to help people in Nepal via (see below).

Our fundraising activities via Betterplace

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Bank transfer (IBAN)

For donations via bank transfer (please take note of new bank details):

Treuhandkonto Nepalmed Stiftung
Bank: Leipziger Volksbank
IBAN: DE60 8609 5604 7007 4680 61

If you require a donation receipt, please provide your address in the transaction.  Please take note of the simplified proof of donation without donation receipt below. 

Donate via PayPal

Donating via PayPal is quick and easy!
If you require a donation receipt, please provide your address in the transaction.  Please take note of the simplified proof of donation without donation receipt below.

"You shop. Amazon gives.“

Shop via AmazonSmile.
If you shop via AmazonSmile and choose Nepalmed as the beneficiary, the company donates 0.5% of the purchase amount to us at no extra cost to you. AmazonSmile is the same as Amazon, with the same products, same prices, and the same service. 0.5% might not seem like a lot, but it is a regular support to Nepalmed.

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Donating your estate

You are considering to make an impact beyond your life? 

Consider the Nepalmed Foundation in your estate or consider an endowment. In this way you make a significant contribution to the financial security of our work and to the achievement of our goals. By directly referring to us in inheritances and legacies, people show their trust in our work and set a lasting example in support of the Nepalese health care system.

Successfully completed campaigns

School-Lunch Program Namo Buddha primary school

27.04.2023 Till August 2023 the school lunch for the students of Namo Buddha Primary School is secured. Many thanks to all donors. more…

Ultrasound for amppipal

24.04.2023 Heartly thanks to the many donors in favor of the ultrasound machine for Amppipal. Especially the family & friends of Ms. Glaser, as well as the generous Rotary Clubs from Warburg are to be thanked for the quick realization of this important project. After a really short time the new device could be handed over on 24.04.2023. The instruction took place by the delivery company. There are several probes and a printer. more…

Trees for Kathmandu

26.08.2022 The tree planting campaign was a complete success. In the presence of the German Ambassador Dr. T. Prinz the 200 trees along the road of the Matrika Eye Center were planted. More will follow. 

SeT- up of paul water filtration stations to ensure the supply of clean drinking water

26.08.2022 Unfortunately, our donation goal was not completely reached. Three of the 5 PAUL water stations have now traveled to Nepal. Two will be set up in homes for the disabled, and the third will go to a school in the south of the country. Two more will travel to their destination in the fall. more…

cPAP device for nicu kirtipur

06/30/2022 Thanks to over 70 donors, the donation goal of €7,500 was far exceeded. CPAP is an acronym for “continuous positive airway pressure”, which means that a slight overpressure is produced in the airways. This pressure is intended to prevent the lungs from collapsing, thus enabling patients to breathe. It is used for non-invasive ventilation and is used in pediatrics primarily for newborns with neonatal respiratory distress syndrome.


imrovement of the instensive care unit 

Thank to all donors for the great support of the project of an improved intensive care unit for burn victims of Kirtipur Hospital.


equipment for matrika eye hospital

We supported the Matrika Eye Center with the purchase of urgently needed equipment.

Blankets and jackets against cold

We supported the Indu Sah Foundation in providing blankets and jackets to 500 poor families in Mahottari.

Famine in Nepal due to Covid 19 Pandemic

21.07.2021: We are raising funds to provide food to families of day laborers in the Amppipal region who lost their income due to the pandemic.

Protective equipment for 24 Health Posts around Lahan

20.06.2021: After the initial provision of protective equipment and medical supplies for care in the Corona pandemic, additional supplies are urgently needed at the 24 health posts around Lahan. – supervised by Bal Krishna Orgyan

Equipment and protective gear for Solukhumbu region

01.06.2021: The health posts of Solukhumbu region require medical equipment and protective gear. We want to finance 5 oxygen-concentrators, 5 nebulizers and 10 pulsoximeters, as well as protective gear (masks, sanitizers and PPE sets).

Monitors and Pumps for KMH and Kirtipur Hospital

27.05.2021: In collaboration with phect-Nepal we want to finance essential equipment for Kathmandu Model Hospital and Kirtipur Hospital
In total, five patient monitors, three syringe pumps and six infusion pumps are needed. More

Set up of an isolation ward

23.05.2021: We are supporting Matrika Eye Center in the set up of an isolation ward for people who tested positive for Covid-19 and are in the primary stage of an infection.  
Six stations with 15 beds each need to be installed. Therefore, up to 90 patients can be isolated at once. The accommodation and food are free for the patients. This is step 1 of care for Covid-19 patients through Matrika Eye Center: Providing 90 beds at 84 € Euro each. More

Oxygen-concentrators for Amppipal Hospital

29.04.2021: The rapid increase in the number of Corona patients requiring ventilation is not restricted to India. In Amppipal Hospital, too, the number of patients is rising. Due to the need for ventilation, the first patients from Amppipal had to be transferred to a far away intensive care unit in Chitwan. 
Therefore, 3 high-performance devices for oxygen enrichment from the company Devilbiss are to be purchased in the near future. With these devices, oxygen concentrations of up to 96% in the range of 2 – 10 l / min can be achieved. This is necessary in order to be able to implement oxygen therapy with more than 5 l / min. More (German)

Simplified proof of donation without donation receipt

In Germany, donations up to an amount of 300 euros can be submitted to the tax office with the payment slip of the transfer without an official donation receipt. For the simplified proof of donations up to 300 euros (Section 50, Paragraph 2, No. 2, Letter b EStDV) to a non-profit corporation, a receipt produced by the payee with the required imprints is also required. Required imprints: tax-privileged purpose for which the donation is used, information about the exemption of the recipient from corporation tax, donation or membership fee.

Simplified proof of donation benefitting the Foundation up to 300.00 euros (German only)

Simplified proof of donation benefitting Nepalmed e.V. up to 300.00 euros (German only)

Previous projects that were realised with your donation

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