For around 100 pupils at the Shanti Basic School in Chitwan, having warm clothing and school bags is not a given. In Nepal, many pupils struggle daily against the challenges of the bitterly cold weather. They suffer from the adverse conditions without adequate clothing.

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To help the children, we are launching an appeal for donations of warm clothing. With your generous support, we can ensure that the students in Nepal not only have access to education, but also the necessary clothing to protect them from the temperatures.

Your donation will be used directly to provide warm clothing such as jackets, sweaters, scarves and gloves. Every contribution, regardless of size, makes a significant difference in the lives of these children.

Here are some examples of how your donation can help:

  • With 6.50 € we can provide a pair of shoes for a student.
  • With 18.50 € we can buy a jacket and a pair of pants.
  • With 6.00 € we can finance a school bag.

Every amount you give brings us closer to our goal of providing a warmer future for the pupils in Nepal.

Together we can have a positive impact on the lives of these children. Thank you in advance for your generous support!

Spendennachweis: Bei Spenden bis 300 Euro gilt für das Finanzamt der vereinfachte Spendennachweis in Verbindung mit Ihrem Kontoauszug als gültiger Spendennachweis. Der Spendennachweis für den Verein findet sich hier.

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