Cup with Nepalmed motif 1 & 2 by Michael Fischer-Art


Set of cups cat 1 & 2

The motifs for the 6 cups were penned by the Leipzig artist Michael Fischer-Art. He designed them specifically for the children’s ward of the Kirtipur Hospital, whose expansion was financed by Nepalmed.


The proceeds from the sale of the cups go to the projects.

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In February 2022, a group from the Leipzig-based Nepalmed Foundation toured the second poorest country in South Asia. They visited the project sites in Kirtipur and Amppipal.

The travel group had a very special surprise for the children’s ward in Kirtipur in its luggage – 40 kg of paints. The well-known Leipzig artist Michael Fischer-Art supports the Nepalmed Foundation, which was founded in May 2020, as a member of the board of trustees and agreed to paint the new ward colorfully in his distinctive style.
He previously toured the Dalai Lama’s place of exile in northern India and gave art lessons to children. Thus he is familiar with the color and form language of Hinduism and Buddhism. Both world views prevail in India and Nepal. The nurses and doctors of the Kirtipur Hospital were enthusiastic with their brushes. Even the parents of the little patients participated.
Michael Fischer-Art was so enthusiastic that he promised to paint for other partners of Nepalmed in Nepal.

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