Network A Nepal Detective Story


Two animal rights activists are caught in a landslide in the Gorkha jungle. In his fourth case, Inspector Sanjit investigates the ruthless hunting of endangered animal species.

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„Animal smuggling and poaching threaten the biodiversity in Nepal. This thriller, which has been researched in detail, paints a picture of a country between tradition and modernity, where social developments, species protection and tourism collide.“
Prof. Dr. Jörg Junhold, CEO and director of Zoo Leipzig, Germany

„A thriller, acting in Nepal, one of the poorest and most needy, but also scenically and ethnologically most attractive countries on this earth with a high educational value in questions of nature and species protection. One can feel that the author and medical doctor has experienced the country at first hand.“
Prof. Dr. Klaus Eulenberger, Honorary professor at Leipzig University, Chief veterinary doctor of the Zoo Leipzig, Chairman of Animal Park support association Limbach-Oberfrohna, Germany

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