Himalaya Gold A Nepal Detective Story


Three young people have been kidnapped in the mountainous region of Nepal’s Gorkha district. Inspector Sanjit investigates in his first case the distribution fights for the natural stimulant yarsagumba, the gold of the Himalaya.




Three youths are being abducted in the hills of the Gorkha district. Inspector Sanjit investigates in his first case distribution battles around a natural potency plant called Yarsagumba, the Himalayan Gold. The author touches the harsh living conditions of the
farmers in the rural district of Gorkha, poor health care and the joys of football. «It is called Yarsagumba and it is weighed with gold. What is behind this miracle cure that suddenly everyone wants? In his book, written as a detective story, the author reveals this
mystery and also gives us insight into the village life of the people at the foothills. The author shows a deep affection for Nepal and its people. Absolutely worth reading!»
Dr. Olaf Rieck, Adventurer and mountaineer

«The reader quickly plunges into a thrilling criminal case in the breathtaking scenery of the Gorkha District in Nepal after the major earthquake in April 2015. By the way, the reader experiences insights into daily Nepalese life, which are usually closed to tourists. Enjoy reading.»
Norbert Meyer, Vice-Chairman of the German – Nepalese Society

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Dimensions 19 × 12 × 1 cm

Deutsch, Englisch

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