Foolproof by Mahendra P. Joshi


What does it take for a change?

Joshua Alberto Hamilton – sobriquet Josh; born and raised in the USA, though a frivolous character leads for a change with his thriving maturity. He became an actor of change, not because he wanted to, but he had to, in order to accomplish a due mission.

With a bunch of young people, Josh embarks for Rolpa – one of the most impoverished regions of Nepal. There, the youngsters obstinately challenge godforsaken education, orthodox beliefs & practices, taboos, superstitions, and stigmas, which were deeply rooted in society, hindering the humanitarian progress.



The sequel of Rockin’ Rollin’ Rolpa has been published. The book continues with the journey which was left in a cliffhanger.
From the book, these questions are going to get answered; Did Josh go to the USA? What happened to Sapana and Raghav’s love story?
Did Josh get along with Lisa or Asha? Were these characters able to bring radical change in the society.

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Dimensions 19,5 × 13,5 × 2 cm


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