Rockin’ Rollin’ Rolpa – Know America, Explore Nepal by Mahendra P. Joshi


Joshua Alberto Hamilton was born in 1973 in Northern Michigan as an only child. Pampered from birth, he got the legacy to cut loose on many things because he was raised in a carefree childhood. He was never a humdinger of a student or a clinical scholar, but rather, a frivolous character.

A novel, ROCKIN’, ROLLIN’ ROLPA offers a comparison between American and Nepalese life from an eye of American youth who unintentionally lands in the Himalayan country to spend three months without any preparation, knowledge, and excitement, due to a twist of fate on his twenty-first birthday.

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Having experienced both posh American and rural Nepalese setting, author MAHENDRA P. JOSHI has multi-dimensional knowledge to bring different characters to life. Born in Baitadi, Nepal, he got an education, and won various creative writing awards in both American and Nepalese settings. Hence, using his knowledge of British and American literature amid studies, he has come up with first book-ready to rock and roll.

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