Greed A Nepal Detective Story


Patients die under unclear circumstances. In his fifth case, Inspector Sanjit investigates illegal trade in counterfeit drugs.

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Counterfeit drugs, worldwide supply problems and new antibiotic resistances due to negligent handling of wastewater from antibiotic production – unfortunately, we have to associate all this with the black sides of drug production on the Indian subcontinent and China, the new pharmacies of the world. The gripping crime novel by Arne Drews describes the effects of these mechanisms and scandals in Nepal. Can Inspector Sanjit and his team put a stop to the criminal profit motive of pharmaceutical companies like Everest Drugs?
Prof. Christoph Lübbert, Infectious and Tropical Medicine, Leipzig University Hospital

The fifth Nepal crime novel by Arne Drews is set in the pharmaceutical scene and deals with corruption and fraud. ed Along the way, the reader learns about the latest developments in the country, such as the new health insurance law or the unsuccessful introduction of the horn ban. An exciting and well-told crime story, which at the same time allows the reader to participate directly in life in Nepal. Extremely worth reading!
Prof. Dr. Astrid Funke, Chairman of the German-Nepalese Society

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Dimensions 19 × 12 × 1 cm


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